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How to deal with sceptisism?

For people, who out of curiosity, want me to do a Tarot reading, I can be very clear: don't do it!!!! The only reason why I don’t do this, it’s because such a reading will never reveal the whole truth, it will only give misinformation. If the client does not have any specific situation at present moment, then the outcome will never be satisfactory.

On the contrary, things will come out that are not adequate.

Tarot reading is not a game and should not be treated as such.

But also don’t see the Tarot as something sacred, it's there to give answers to important questions, but not to your curiosity. The energy of the client plays an important role in getting answers from the Tarot cards.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is hypnosis and what is regression?

The hypnosis in my practice is not the one you are used to seeing on tv. 

You remain conscious the whole session and remain in full control, otherwise we ca not work on the topics/issues at hand.

Hypnosis is only being used as a bridge to your subconsciousness.

Regression is going back to the source of the topic/issue/complaint.

What is therapy?

I have a wide variety of techniques at my desposal.

Depending on each client and their situation, I will determine which technique suits best. I will mention a few of the technique I use within my practice to give you an idea:

- Voice dialogue

- Inner child work

- Hypnosis

- EMDR-Therapy

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